Find some bugs


Hi, i'm trying to use your library cause i'm interested in encapsulation of jQuery. This is one of the best encapsulation i see but there are some lacks..
First i found those two bugs
In TabControl class:
if (Cache)
            if (needsComma) writer.Write(",");
            writer.Write("cace: true");              // i think is cache!
            needsComma = true;
then in Script class:
[ToolboxData("<{0}:Script name=\"\"s reference=\"\" runat=\"server\" />")] // I think the 's' is a write error for velocity..
After this, there is no a good documentation, for example to use the Script control.. nor in the code exists comments.. it's frustrating testing it because i don't know the functionality.. in order to test it correctly is necessary knowthe exptected behaviour.
I'm tring to understand your library for improve the architecture, for example i want to introduce script factory in oder to generate js virtually based on an internal sintax that doesn't change at any revision of jQuery, just update only the papping of functions.
If is possible to get any comment on code or a better documentation on the structure will be better, cause understand it on the code is not so fast.
Anyway i have a question, if one would to introduce a script ofjQuery in a page, for example add a script like this '$(function() { $('#MyDiv').tabs();});' i had to use Script control isn't it? andhow get this? there is no example for this control.