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Project Description
Some lightweight Server Control/Extenders that encapsulate the jQuery UI implementation. The idea is to have each jQuery UI Interaction/Effect as an ASP.NET Extender Control and the jQuery UI Widgets as ASP.NET server controls.

Call for Beta Testers. Please provide as much feedback as you can via the Discussions.

More information on the jQuery Project here
More information on the jQuery UI Project here
jQuery UI Demos here


As per jQueryUI Demos

Includes all options and events for each Interaction/Extender and Widget/Control

Interactions (ASP.NET Extender Controls)

Draggable (done)
Droppable (done)
Resizable (done)
Selectable (done)
Sortable (done)
Dialog (done)
Full Ajax support on Client and Server (using JSON Serialization) (done)

Widgets (ASP.NET Server Controls)

Accordion (done)
Datepicker (done)
Progressbar (done)
Slider (done)
Tabs (done)

Effects (ASP.NET Extender Controls)

Effects (done)
Animation (done)

Extras (jQuery Plugins)

Masked Input

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